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Fire in Canal Point Elementary School

Story by Battalion Chief Mike Arena; Photos by Battalion Chief Mike Arena, FF/PM Michael Casanova and Investigator Tom Fucci
Palm Beach County, Florida
June 17th , 2008

On June 17th at 0236 hrs, Battalion 7 and Battalion 2 units were dispatched to a commercial structure fire at the old Canal Point Elementary school. When units arrived they found a two story abandoned school fully involved.

Access was difficult and the water pressure was extremely low, making it extremely challenging for crews to extinguish. Water was shuttled from State Market Road and defensive operations were utilized. There were several collapse zones within the structure and the roof ultimately made a pancake collapse into the building.

Crews worked on scene for over 5 hrs.

Units on scene were E72, R72, E73, E73B, T72, T21, Q29, EMS7, DC7, BC7, IV2.


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